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Item: Printed scarf visor
Composition: Outer Scarf 100% Silk
Base cap 100% Cotton
Brim 100% Vinyl &
100% Leather
Lining 100% Cotton

Product dimensions: Body 12cm
Scarf height (side) 62cm
Scarf height (back) 50cm
Visior width 10cm
TESTA ROSSA is a visor with a scarf made of Italian silk print fabric and one of the signature models of our brand. The visor is in the shape of a cap and uses cotton. It is very easy to wear thanks to the stretch tape used for the sweatband, allowing it to adjust to various head sizes The brim is made of a smoky see-through vinyl with leather piping on the edges for an elegant finish. You can arrange the scarf portion as you like and enjoy different styles. Offering different styles is one of the important concepts of this item.

Made by hand at the Atelier HIZUME, Paris, France.
価格: ¥400000
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