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Item: Scarf pullover variations
Composition: Outer 100% Wool

Product dimensions: Body height 50cm
Body width 60cm
Sleeve height 61cm
Sleeve width 16cm
Rib width 5cm
Scarf length 235cm
Scarf width 17cm
Button size 1.7cm
QUERELLE is a sweater and scarf mixed in one. The long hem of the back part of the sweater can be used as a scarf and wrapped around the neck. It can be enjoyed in multiple ways: as a sweater, a scarf, or both combined. There are 4 buttons on the left side of the neckline so that you can also enjoy different styles with clothes worn underneath. The material is carefully selected, using only quality extra fine lamb wool of the merino type. The raw materials itself are also carefully selected, using a mixture of a delicate and rare 15.5 mic and a slightly crimped 17.5 mic lamb wool. The 15.5 mic wool is as thin as cashmere and has the firmness particular to wool, while maintaining the softness akin to cashmere. Name tags are sewn on the scarf and the back neckline.

Made by hand, Japan
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価格: ¥320000
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