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Item: Handmade tweed cloche hat
Composition: Outer 90% Cotton / 10% Nylon
Lining 100% Cotton

Product dimensions: Crown height 12cm
Brim width 13cm
Pin length 10cm
Pin width 1.5cm
COCO BLEACH is made using HIZUME’s original tweed fabric, woven in one of the world’s best ateliers. The process of fabrication is complex: the woven denim fabric is cut on the bias and then woven together with nylon tape. Creating something of value by taking apart what was once complete and reconstructing it - this item reflects one of HIZUME’s core philosophies. The design utilizes HIZUME’s signature models: A large drape hangs on the left-front and an oversized pin is placed to accentuate the style. We hope you can enjoy this item’s one of a kind fabric that other brands could never imitate.

Made by hand at the Atelier HIZUME, Paris, France.
価格: ¥300,000
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