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Item: Boater hat
Composition: Outer 75% Hemp / 25% Cotton
Ribbon 100% Cotton

Product dimensions: Crown height 7.5cm
Brim Width 6cm
Ribbon width 3.8cm
I first met this hat through a black and white photo. The photograph was of a young man wearing a black Oshima Tsumugi with a boater hat, likely taken in the late 1800s. As a Japanese, it felt a bit perplexing at first to see someone wearing a kimono and a hat together, as hats are culturally foreign. At the same time, I also felt a sense of freshness like never before. These fresh feelings made me realize a completely new perspective, born from the complete fusion of Japanese and Western cultures. We created this item hoping that you can enjoy the same feelings and excitement. A blade sewing machine, which is mastered only by skilled and experienced craftsmen, is used to craft this item. The hat looks very simple at first glance, but this model is a culmination of many particular aspects such as overlapped blades and tensions of the seams.

Made by hand at the Atelier HIZUME, Paris, France.
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