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Item: Knit bonnet
Composition: Outer shell 100% Wool

Product dimensions: Height 25cm
Width 31cm
Rib Width 12cm
KURT is a voluminous knit hat. Efficiency through industrialization for apparels continues to evolve in recent years, resulting in the loss of warmth which can only be found in handmade products. We wished to convey the beauty of handmade works and reflected that in this design. In order to express the absolute beauty found in imperfections, such as when drawing lines freehand, we developed a knitted fabric that seems entangled at first glance. The material used is high quality wool from the United Kingdom. Crochet weaving makes the fabric uniquely voluminous and expressive. CANDY FLOSS is an original pink color by HIZUME. A name tag is sewn on the left side of the knit hat and in the center of the back.

Made by hand, Japan
価格: ¥76800
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