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Item: Hooded Scarf
Composition: Outer Wool 70% / Polyester 30%

Product dimensions: Scarf length 176cm
   length 16cm
Hood height 24cm
   depth 16cm
GRACE GREY is an item that combines a hood and a scarf.
It is an item that makes the most of the pattern-making ability of MOF (Master of Fine Craftsmanship), and can be worn simply as a hood, and at the same time, various nuances can be brought out by arranging the way the scarf is wrapped around the hood.
It can also be worn as a scarf without the hood, or with other items over the hood to express a unique design.

The material used is a slightly stretchy, brushed wool knit material with a soft texture that matches the design of this item.

Made by hand at the Atelier HIZUME, Paris, France.


価格: ¥92800
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