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Item: Arrangement turban
Composition: Outer 100% PVC
Lining 100% Cotton

Product dimensions: Turban height 18cm
Cord width 68cm
SCHEHERAZADE is a new concept proposed by HIZUME. Turbans have a long and rich history and we felt that there were infinite possibilities with them. It is in essence, a sculpture that can be worn. The turban was created with a focus on bringing out its potential in the HIZUME style, fusing elements of both France and Japan. Kimono, the traditional clothing that represents Japan, has many different ways of tying the obi (sash) which can completely change the silhouette or even functionality. The shape of SCHEHERAZADE is inspired by this aspect of the kimono. You can create an infinite number of ways of wearing the turban by rearranging the string on top of the turban to create gathers and by utilizing the string placed on the back. A name tag is sewn on the left side of the turban.

Made by hand at the Atelier HIZUME, Paris, France.
価格: ¥73,450
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