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Item: Sculpture hat
Composition: Outer Hat 100% Acrylic
Scarf 100% Silk
100% Polyester

Product dimensions: Crown height 13cm
Brim width 16cm
FLUFF is a model that symbolizes the FW 21 collection. The design is a combination of used stuffed toys that are no longer wanted and imitation fur. The shape is finalized by utilizing the traditional sparterie method, which has become a rare and valuable technique. Since recycled stuffed toys are used, each one is completely unique. This is our new proposal on what haute couture ought to be. This model also clearly expresses our commitment to sustainability, one of our core brand policies. This item is created to demonstrate the idea of prolonging an item’s longevity to be appreciated, providing brand new values to used items that are just waiting to be thrown away.

Made by hand at the Atelier HIZUME, Paris, France.
価格: ¥1,150,000
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