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Item: Charlotte hat
Composition: Outer 50% Cupra / 50% Aluminum
Lining 100% Cotton

Product dimensions: Crown height 9cm
Brim width(wide part) 18cm
Brim width(narrow part) 7cm
Cord length 61cm
CHARLOTTE is a contemporary interpretation of a mobcap (“Charlotte” in French). A mobcap is a pleated bonnet, made of soft cloth such as muslin, to cover the entire head. It was popular from the late 18th century through the 19th century. The material used is an original fabric handmade in our atelier. A metallic material is placed in between the thin fabrics, allowing the hat to have an ever changing expression that will always keep you engaged. Pick up this hat with your hands to enjoy the unique atmosphere it carries. Cotton is used for the inner finish to guarantee comfort. A name tag is sewn on the left side of the brim.

Made by hand at the Atelier HIZUME, Paris, France.
価格: ¥101,400
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