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Item: Boater hat
Composition: Outer 75% Hemp / 25% Cotton

Product dimensions: * Single color
Crown height 7.5cm
Brim width 6cm
* Bi-color
Crown height 7.5cm
(Body: 4cm, Accent color part: 3.5cm)
Brim width 6cm
BANANA is a boater hat, which we consider a summer classic. A blade woven from linen and cotton is used as the material, and highly skilled techniques are used for an elegant finish. Two types of models are available: a single-color model that is easy to style and a bicolor model which carries more impact. For the bicolor model, a 3.5cm wide accent color is placed within the 7.5cm crown height. A name tag that indicates the HIZUME ICONIC collection is sewn on the back center of the ribbon. This item is easy to wear regardless of age or gender. We are convinced that you will find the model that is perfect for you.

Made in France.
価格: ¥37,700
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